Poster Contest Winners

As many of you know, I was able to bring Keep a Clear Mind curriculum to 5 area schools. The Coalition held a poster contest for Alcohol Awareness month. We recieved entries from from 4th Graders at 4 Ohio County Schools who took part in Keep a Clear Mind. These schools included Madison, Elm Grove, Ritchie, and Middle Creek. There were 9 classes altogether, and we had 3 winners (well actually all the children who took part in Keep a Clear Mind were winners).

The winning entries appeared on billboards around Wheeling during the month of April. The winners were Courtney Kekahuna from Elm Grove, Michelle Williams from Middle Creek, and Kierra Mitchell from Madison. There will be an award ceremony tonight at the Ohio County Schools Board of Education Meeting , which I will proudly be attending. Let’s hear it for the great kids of Ohio County Schools.

Martha Polinsky, Prevention Educator

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