Wheeling, WV – The Ohio County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition has been in existence since 2005 and over the years, it has evolved and expanded in its ability to promote positive change and impact the community.  Members are proud of their collective accomplishments, thus far, and they want to pave the way for maximum impact.  The members of the community-based group decided it was time for a new name and logo to reflect the group’s change and growth. The coalition’s goals remain the same, however, as science progresses and more is known, the group has adapted existing strategies and developed new ones.  Lessons learned make the organization older and wiser.  Furthermore, a name change would allow the group to be open to the possibility of expanding its goals in the future. 

Coalition participants view the group as a true community-based coalition driven by community members with the support of key leaders!  We are a community up organization not a leadership down organization.  This is the best recipe for real and lasting change!  Come join us as we celebrate our past and renew our commitment to positively impacting youth and families in Ohio County.  

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