May Coalition Meeting

Coalition Members pictured here are: bottom row left: Cory Hickman, Kriten Kroflich, Sarah Borrell, top left: Sgt. Duwane Taylor, Carol Scheerbaum, Jill Eddy, Ken Boyle, Judy Kesterson, Russ Taylor, Marcia Allen, Lynne Stanley,Deb Allen. Present but not pictured Martha Polinsky.

The May coalition meeting took place May 21, 2008. A fabulous time as had by all. Great lunch! Kritsten Kroflich, Program Director and fearless leader, continued a dialogue on effective practices for community change. ONE-ON-ONE interviews are known to help build rapport and promote grassroots change and support. Members discussed different sectors of the community and named individuals from those sectors with whom we might contact and conduct one-on-one interviews. Members pledged to conduct interviews based on the time they had to contribute. All volunteers are welcome to participate!

The next grant cycle is October 1, 2008 – Septmeber 29, 2009. We discussed our focus for next year and ways to improve our leadership. We want our leadership to reflect the demographics of the community. We also want to look towards tangible support from other organizations or agencies in our community. The coalition also discussed the upcoming Fetal Alcohol Spectrums Disorder (FASD) campaign taking place in September 2008.

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