Impact Partners with Faith Leaders to Institute WV Day of Hope

The Faith Community Calls for Hope in WV’s Substance Abuse Epidemic
Wheeling, W Va. – The Community Impact Coalition & the West Virginia Council of Churches continue to collaborate to bring the 2nd annual prevention & recovery celebratory day called West Virginia Day of Hope.” This year it falls on September 18, 2016and it will be celebrated yearly on the 3rd Sunday in September.  The idea for the day originated in Wheelingat a coalition round table discussion.  The goal of the initiative is to promote a drug free life-style with folks across West Virginia.  

Faith organizations are encouraged to celebrate in accordance with their own traditions, beliefs and missions as they organize and plan the event for their congregations.  The observance is meant to be open to all faiths so it can be celebrated anytime during the weekendWest Virginia churches and other ministries will have the opportunity to promote, educate and advocate for substance abuse prevention and recovery from addiction.  Faith organizations can make a great impact on the lives of West Virginians.  

It is promoted to all churches in WV by WV Council of ChurchesLast year it was observed in many ways including: candle light services, prayers, litanies, vigils, fundraisers & donations to recovery organizations, sermons, information in bulletins, provided resources, and connecting with prevention or recovery contacts.  After the Day of Hope, the WV Council or Churches acquired grant funding to host trainings especially tailored to the faith community.  They will also hold 10-12 listening events throughout the state.  The local event is called Project Hope and it will be held on October 27, 2016 from 6-8pm at Simpson United Methodist Churchin Moundsville.     
Martha Polinsky, Project Coordinator, states, “Who better to bring hope and compassion but the faith community?  It’s what they do.  We are experts in prevention and they are experts in hope which is a powerful partnership for West Virginia.”

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