Beer Pong: The Video Game?

During this Christmas, I got the chance to play the new Nintendo Wii interactive video games. It was great to bowl or play virtual tennis with my friends and family. We each created our own virtual character, that served as a “mini-me” in the games. It was good,clean fun for everyone. It has recently been brought to the coalition’s attention that Nintendo now plans a “Frat Party Games” series, which will include Beer Pong.

Although that sounds highly unappealing to me, I may be tempted to say, “to each his or her own,” however, a company representative recently said the game would be designated with a “T” for teen rating. I, as well as many other OCSAPC members, am very disappointed in this company.

One major statistic that comes to mind is that youth who begin to drink before the age of 15 are 4 times more likely to become alcoholics, than those who simply wait until they are 21 to drink. I find those to be staggering odds. Games from supposedly reputable companies, like Nintendo, only intensifies the perception that binge drinking and underage consumption is the norm and is socially acceptable. The coalition ventured to write a letter to the editor of Ogden Newspapers, and we urge anyone offended by this idea to write a letter to:
Jag Jaeger, Vise President
JV Games Inc.
P.O. Box 97455
Las Vegas NV 89193

It is possible that this is a ploy by the companies marketing department to raise interest in the game by creating controversey and thereby causing teens to highly desire the product. It seems manipulative either way, and we hope this company will decide to choose a more responsible policy.

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