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Impact’s membership includes these 12 areas: youth, parents, business, media, school, youth service, law enforcement, religious, civic groups, healthcare, state & local government, and organizations involved in reducing substance abuse. 

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Community Impact Coalition is a community supported substance use prevention initiative. It is open to all those who live and work in Ohio County WV. Impact’s membership includes 12 sectors. The 12 sectors are:  Youth, Parents, Law enforcement, Schools, Businesses, Media, Youth-serving organizations, Religious and fraternal organizations, Civic and volunteer groups, Healthcare professionals, State, local, and tribal agencies with expertise in substance abuse, Other organizations involved in reducing substance use.

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How we


In 2005, concerned community members united with the idea that an effort needed to be made to reduce substance use in Ohio County. The coalition was awarded a Strategic Prevention Framework-State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG) from the governor’s office and the WV Partnership to Promote Community Well-Being.

In 2009, the coalition was awarded a federal Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Grant which solidified our goal of strengthening community collaboration in the coalition’s efforts to prevent and reduce substance use among youth and families in the county.

Youth Services Systems Inc. (YSS), the coalition’s fiscal/administrative agent, and the Ohio County Family Resource Network (FRN) have played lead roles in the coalition’s development and success over the years.

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Our mission

Using our community resources and proven prevention strategies to promote a drug-free lifestyle for youth & families in Ohio County.

Provide information
enhance skills
provide support

04. Modify/Change Policies

05. Change Consequences

06. Enhance Access/Reduce Barriers to Services

07. Change Physical Environment

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October News

October is a busy month for the prevention department! We are busy scheduling, planning, and hosting events. October is National…

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